Social media of today are flourishing with fake news, political propaganda, fabricated / manipulated / sponsored content, deep fakes and other types of disinformation that are still emerging following technological progress. The youth of today live in the world of diverse social media, densely saturated with disinformation. Particularly when consuming information on social media, they require Media Literacy skills to be able to tell what they can trust.

This project aims at pedagogically equipping youth workers with methods and tools for increasing ML skills of youth to ultimately reduce disinformation on social media. These ML skills will include identifying disinformation, its different types and intentions behind it, reacting to social media disinformation responsibly, and reporting it with regards to these being one’s democratic participation and civic duty.

It will last 36 months 01/03/2022 – 29/02/2024

Increased awareness of the power of the social media and their influence on democratic issues;

Provided with a challenging and attractive new way of learning (larp) and fun mobile game.

Improved knowledge to critically assess the information and identify disinformation;

New contacts and network for further support and/or development.

Increased competences to manage a media-saturated environment.

Increased interest in being more active in society;

Increased self-confidence to engage in social activities.



This transnational Training Activity, which took place in Frankfurt in October 2022, plays a crucial role in the development process, pursuing 3 goals:

To train partner youth workers in the project approach (based on the draft of the Project Result 2 - THE GUIDE FOR ORGANISING LARP) and get their initial feedback for further development.

To test the developed larp scenarios with participating in the Training Activity young people from the partner countries in order to demonstrate the youth workers how larp works in practice, as well as to get their and participants’ initial feedback.

To prepare the youth workers for the actual pilot testing activities that they will run further in the project.