Project Results

What is educational LARP?
  • The key result of the project, representing the solution that provides youth educators with the quality training materials and corresponds to the new Gen Z learning style of today’s young people. Our larp is packaged as a youth educator toolkit that contains 5 scenarios on spotting and tackling disinformation on the internet. Using DIS-PLAY Toolkit, you as a youth educator will have a resource you need to implement learning activities with young people to increase their Media Literacy skills of confronting disinformation on social media.
Why use it to adress online disinformation?
  • The Guide is intended to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and civil and digital societies. It is a turn-key solution for fostering young people’s Media Literacy to combat social media disinformation. The Guide can support youth educators in setting up courses or study circles on disinformation, containing recommendations on the format and implementation of such courses. The Guide introduces youth educators to the Gen Z learning style, the pedagogical method of larp, and how to run it correctly.
How can I use DIS-PLAY?
  • You can (soon) download our animated scenario-based app for smartphones! In the game you will face simulating reality disinformation cases and will have to make the right choicenot to lose and proceed with the game scenario. If you are a youth educator, you can use the game to facilitate practical application of the Media Literacy knowledge, acquired by your young learners within any disinformation on social media course or study circle.
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Denis Riabov, project manager

Rocío García, project coordinator

Qla Zetterberg

Jakob Ohage

Emilia Radu / Luminita