Project Results

The DIS-PLAY project successfully achieved its objectives, delivering the results that enhance media literacy among youth and equip youth workers and educators with innovative pedagogical tools and training materials.

Guide on Organizing Disinformation LARPs (PR2):
  • A guide to assist educators and youth workers in implementing disinformation-focused courses or study circles. This guide provides pedagogical recommendations on teaching GenZ youth along with the instructions on using the LARP method effectively.

Disinformation Role-Play Mobile Game (PR3):

A mobile game that allows young people to apply media literacy skills in simulated scenarios about social media disinformation, available both for iPhone and Android.

Other results of the project

Qualitative results:

  • Enhanced Skills and Competences: training of educators and youth workers within partner organizations improved their pedagogical expertise. Meanwhile the youth that participated in the project activities increased their media literacy skills.
  • Stakeholder Engagement: Active involvement of youth workers, GenZ youth and education stakeholders in the design and validation of project outputs enriched their quality and facilitated future application possibilities.
  • Promotion and Outreach: Project outcomes have been promoted for potential use by other organizations and regions, enhancing sustainability and broader impact.

Quantitative results:

  • Direct Engagement: 100 young people participated in the pilot implementation of the project results and the Learning, Teaching, Training Activities (LTTA) in Germany, enhancing their media literacy skills.
  • Educator Development: 35 youth educators increased their media literacy competencies through participation in project pilots and LTTA in Frankfurt.
  • Wide Dissemination: Over 20,000 individuals from more than 1,500 organizations, including education providers and stakeholders, were informed about the project through various dissemination activities. At least 120 participants attended the project’s multiplier events, further disseminating project outcomes and fostering community engagement.
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Denis Riabov, project manager

Rocío García, project coordinator

Olivia ​Koba

Jakob Ohage